The courses offered by the Biodiversity education network are available for the degree students of the Universities of Eastern Finland, Turku, Jyväskylä, Oulu and Helsinki and Åbo Akademi University.

The courses offer possibilities for the students to learn more about biodiversity-related topics on the courses which are not being taught by their own universities. There are courses for different levels and there might be limitations in the number of students accepted for the courses. Alist of the courses available can be found in the Studies-page, and there are also links to the course curricula.

The courses are meant for increasing students’ knowledge and they cannot be accepted as a minor subject. Students have to discuss with their supervisors beforehand to agree on studying these courses and to be able to include the courses in their degrees. Students should apply separately for every course they are interested in.

To be able to apply for the right to study these courses, you need to

  • be a student in one of the participating universities,
  • discuss with your study supervisor about the courses you would like to include in your degree
  • use the email address given by your university in the application

The application deadline for the courses beginning in the spring is 30 November.

Please note, that there might be limitations in the number of students accepted for the courses and obtaining the study right doesn’t automatically mean that you will be accepted for the course. After getting the right to study, remember to register for the course.

How to proceed?

Interesting courses: Check the Studies-page to find courses you are interested in.

Discussion with your supervisor: Make sure that the courses you are interested in can be included in your degree.

Applying for the right to study: Apply for the right to study for the courses. You will find links to the forms on the Studies-page. If you are applying for the right to study for several courses, fill in the forms separately for each course. It is enough that you discuss with your supervisor, no statement on acceptance from the home university is required.

The right to study: You will get information about your right to study by email after the application deadline. At same time you will get information about course registration.

Registration for the course: Register for the course where you have the right to study. Note that there are limitations in the number of students that can be taken onthe course which means that the right to study doesn’t automatically mean that you are accepted for the course.

Studying: After the registration deadline, you will be informed whether you were accepted for the course. At the same time you will get information about the course. Study the course and follow the given timetables. The teacher responsible for the course helps you if you have questions relating to the course.

Course credits: When you have completed the course, you will receive study credits in the system used in the organising university. You can apply for credits to be transferred to your own university and into your degree by following the guidelines of your home university.

If you have questions relating to study rights, please contact the study guidance. If you have questions relating to specific courses, please contact the teacher responsible for the course.

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