Participating universities

University of Eastern Finland

Elina Oksanen,

Helsingin Yliopisto

Iryna Herzon,


Seppo Rytkönen,

Annu Ruotsalainen,

Jyväskylän yliopisto

Emily Knott,


Pasi Nurmi,

Åbo Akademi

Mikael von Numers,



Contact, study guidance


University of Eastern Finland: Maarit Merimaa-Piirainen (

University of Jyväskylä: Marja Korhonen (

University of Turku: Study guidance (

University of Oulu: Study guidance (

University of Helsinki: Study office (

Åbo Akademi: Study office (

Other networks and studying opportunities


Young Universities for the future of Europe (YUFE)

The YUFE Alliance is based on the joint vision of ten young research-intensive universities and four non-academic partners located all across Europe. The YUFE partners came together based on their shared dedication to the European spirit, their common aim to contribute to a more competitive, innovative and united Europe and their ambition to help address today’s challenges.

The Nordic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (NOVA)

NOVA is a university cooperation aimed at supporting the understanding of major global challenges in a Nordic context. NOVA provides the opportunity for teachers to organise high quality PhD courses in collaboration with colleagues at other NOVA universities and with participants from NOVA universities and other international universities/organisations.

Una Europa

The Micro-credential in Sustainability consists of five MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) which, once completed, award the learner with 10ECTS. After studying the introductory course, there are four additional courses covering the environmental, economic, and social aspects of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The University of the Arctic (UArctic)

The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a network of universities, colleges, research institutes, and other organizations concerned with education and research in and about the North.

Finnish University Partnership for International Development (UniPID)

Finnish University Partnership for International Development, UniPID, is a network of Finnish universities that seeks to advance universities’ global responsibility and to strengthen their response to global challenges. UniPID offers a variety of support services for interdisciplinary studies and research on international sustainable development. To promote studies in development research, UniPID coordinates an online study programme which strengthens and diversifies the English language curriculum and teaching capacities of its member universities. UniPID Virtual Studies programme provides opportunities for students to learn about global development and sustainability, with a specific focus on Global South perspectives. Students can take either individual courses or compile a study module, Sustainability in Development, of at least 5 courses.

Network of sustainability studies

Sustainability courses multidisciplinary for the students studying in the universities of Eastern Finland, Jyväskylä or Turku.




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