Welcome to the website of the Biodiversity education network of Finnish universities!

Biodiversity is a prerequisite for the well-being of the planet and people, as well as for sustainable development.

Biodiversity loss is one of the most serious crises of our times. Biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate due to the unsustainable use of natural resources, climate change, the fragmentation of ecosystems, the spread of invasive species, the destruction of habitats and other human activities. Biodiversity should therefore be part of all decision-making in society and have great impact for example on policy making, on economics, on culture and on land-use planning.

Lack of public education and awareness on biodiversity-related issues are cited among barrier to the implementation of this global ambition. In order to be able to take biodiversity into account comprehensively, education and diverse co-operation in educational planning are needed. Mainstreaming and integrating biodiversity education across fields requires diverse forms of co-operation in educational planning and delivery across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, and education levels.

The aim of the Biodiversity education network is to bring together study content and operation model to meet the learning needs in biodiversity issues now and in the future. Through this, co-operating universities bring expertise from their areas of strengths and strategic objectives for the use of the entire network. Biodiversity education network offers new courses for the students coming from different universities.

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